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Rides coming up in Patagonia, Ladakh, and Kenya.

Motorcycle Adventurer Jay Kannaiyan is offering premium, small group motorcycle adventures in the most exciting parts of the world that he’s ridden through and more. Explore the site and get in touch to book your trip.

Check out Journey Posts for the travel blog on Jay’s 3 year motorcycle journey from the US to India.

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In Mozambique, 2012
In Mozambique, 2012

Ride with Jammin Global Adventures

Does the thought of riding a motorcycle across high mountains and dense forests in far-off lands excite you? But are you a bit unsure about how to go about fullfilling this dream? A Jammin Global Adventure, led by Jay Kannaiyan, will provide you with a bite-sized adventure on a motorcycle across stunning landscapes in a safe and professional manner.

Jay has the experience of traveling across five continents and has a wide network of local contacts in all the countries that he leads tours in. His calm, collected and organized attitude ensures that there are no ordeals, only adventures. 

Ride with Jay and let the adventure add richness to your life!

Motorcycle Tours in


From the Rift Valley to Maasai Mara


From Delhi to Leh and around Ladakh


From Lima into the High Andes and the Amazon

Plan your dream adventure and ride in South America, India, or Africa. Get in touch to discuss your custom trip.

About Jay

Jay Kannaiyan is a clean tech entrepreneur and motorcycle adventurerwho in 2010 set off from Chicago on a three-year overland journey across Latin America, Europe, and Africa before ending up in India. He covered over a 103,200 km (64,140 miles) across 33 countries on 5 continents, cooking 56 chicken curries along the way. Jay’s solo journey took him across vibrant cultures and mind-expanding wildernesses. He rode across the Amazon rainforest, the vast emptiness of Patagonia, the deserts of the Sahara and the majestic Himalayas of Ladakh. 

After the trip, Jay launched Jammin Global Adventures curating motorcycle escapades in Kenya, India, Mongolia, and Myanmar. Get in touch to book a trip or get advice for your own adventure. He also helps runs Kaiterra in India and the US, raising awareness about air pollution through the use of effective air quality monitors. Jay uses his varied experiences to inspire others to travel, explore, and discover how each one of us can contribute to a better world.

TEDx Talk on Eudaimonia and Travel

New Delhi, 2016

Motorcycle Travellers Meet Interview

Camp Shristi, Bangalore, 2013

Jammin thru the Global South

Jammin thru the Global South is the name of Jay’s journey that saw him ride sanDRina, his Suzuki DR650 motorcycle from Chicago to New Delhi overland through the Americas, Europe, Africa and into India from March 2010 till June 2013 with breaks along the way, including an extended one in Kenya. 

Jay has posted a rich, detailed account of his journey and now that content can be found under the “Journey Posts” menu heading where posts from the journey are grouped by country. 

Start at the beginning of the journey or jump ahead to these highlights: Sailing on the Stahlratte | Bolivia | Patagonia | Brazil | Atlantic Crossing on a Cargo Ship | Europe | Egypt | Kenya | Mozambique

Jammin Global South Route Map
Jammin Global South Route Map

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Brazil, Part 1: The start of the TransAmazonica

August 13 – 16, 2010After the preparatory journey across the Bolivian pampas, I was excited to be entering the allure that is Brazil, the largest country in the region and one of the pillars of the new Global South power regime. Apart from being the only Portuguese-speaking country in Latin America (and thus Brazilians not…

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Brazil, Part 4: Taking a break in Sao Luis

August 25 – September 18, 2010Having been on the road for six months since Chicago, and not staying in one place more than a week, I took a three week break in the coastal city of São Luís in northern Brazil, known for its reggae culture and colonial architecture. I met up with an old…

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Brazil, Part 5: The Northeast Region

September 19 – 23, 2010From Sao Luis, I headed east towards the city of Recife and colonial Olinda and then turned south along the coast towards Salvador.My route from Sao Luis in northern Brazil down the coast and interior to Sao Paulo and Rio, exiting at Foz da Iguazu to Argentina. Click on it to…

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Brazil, Part 6: Salvador da Bahia

September 23 – 24, 2010I spent two days in Salvador da Bahia, the center of Afro-Brazilian culture and the first colonial capital of Brazil. It’s the third biggest city in the country and is considered Brazil’s capital of happiness due to its lively nature and friendly populace. I connected with Lara thru CouchSurfing and she…

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