Jammin thru the Global South

Zambia, Part 1: Visiting My Childhood Home in Chipata

21 – 23 December 2012 In all of Africa, one country holds special significance to me and that is, Zambia. In 1983, at the age of 2, my family moved to the small town of Chipata in Eastern Zambia and we lived there for 9 years. My father, an agricultural scientist with the Food and…

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Zambia, Part 2: Luangwa River and Lusaka

Zambia, Part 2: Luangwa River and Lusaka23 – 30 December 2012After the nostalgic visit to Chipata, I turned around and headed west. I spent a night along the banks of Luangwa River and then got to Lusaka where I had a special appointment with a girl child. From Chipata, on the eastern edge of Zambia,…

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Zambia, Part 3: Victoria Falls and Maintenance

31 December 2012 – 3 January 2013 As I made my way west across Zambia, I had come to my final destination of Livingstone. And here lies one of the greatest natural wonders of the world, Victoria Falls, the longest curtain of water in the world. I remembered coming here as a kid and as…

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