Uganda & Rwanda

Jammin thru the Global South

Uganda: Fertile Land of Lakes and Rainforests

19 August – 1 September 2012After my long break in Kenya, I was back on the road. sanDRina was fully rebuilt and we were on our way to complete the overland journey to India. From Nairobi, I headed west into Uganda, a fertile land filled with lakes, rainforests and friendly people. I crossed at a…

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Rwanda: Lake Kivu Off-roading and Remembering 1994

1 – 4 September 2012South of Uganda and sandwiched between DR Congo and Tanzania is one of the smallest countries in Africa. Rwanda, a hilly country blessed with fertile land, is currently stable and growing and exudes more development than its neighbors. But sadly, it can’t shake off its turbulent history. In 1994 Rwanda plunged…

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