Press: Got Featured on! They Love Adventure ;)

Got featured on! Hit the link to find out why I rode from the US to India, what it took and how you can get on the road.

Excerpt: “Calling all travel and motorcycling enthusiasts, this is one story you absolutely must know about! His ‘follow your dream’ philosophy and pursuit of his own kind of ‘freedom’, makes him an inspiration for anyone who has found their real passion, but is too scared to go the distance with it. Having moved to the US from India to pursue a career in engineering; 10 years on, Jay dropped everything he had to motorcycle his way all across South America, into Europe, and through Africa to return to his hometown, Chennai. Staying with local hosts wherever he went, his is by far the most immersive travel experience you’ve ever heard of – and here’s how he did it.”

RedBull and Jay Kannaiyan
Peeps with Wings – Jay Kannaiyan |

Press: Yahoo India covers Jammin thru India, One Year On

1 May 2014

It was one year ago that I began the last leg of my journey, a 40 day, 8,000 km ride from Kanyakumari to Kargil called Jammin thru India. I live-blogged it for Yahoo India and head over if you’d like to see daily video clips and updates from the journey. My friend at Yahoo, Bijoy Venugopal, wrote this piece summing up my journey and on the joys of solo travel.

Excerpt: “Only misery loves company. Solitude is its own reward. Solitude is not loneliness; it is the joy of alone-ness, of being in touch with yourself, of discovering your inner core. This philosophy is driving a global solo travel movement that is inspiring more and more people to leave it all behind and embark on a life-affirming journey of discovery, often with no clear destination or return ticket. There is only one aim: Departure. And within that are enfolded the manifold possibilities of discovery, self-realization, purpose, even relationships and career. Believe it or not, everyone can afford one. Jay Kannaiyan did, and his journey is proof that we all can.”

Press: Interview with

28 February 2014

Here’s an interview I did with, the oldest and one of the largest news portals in India.

An excerpt: “What would you consider the best moment of this marathon trip? That would have to be when I realised, about six months into my trip, somewhere in Brazil, that the reputation of my chicken curry was preceding me.” 😉

Published: Be Minimalist, New Years Resolution on Mint Lounge

8 January 2014

Here’s an idea for a resolution: Be Minimalist

Live Mint, a WSJ affiliated newspaper in India, asked me to write a piece on this for their New Years Issue. If you want to try it, here’s an exercise: count everything you own and see if you can downsize to a 100 essential items. I had more than that stashed on sanDRina during my journey but living on essentials was a very liberating feeling 🙂

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Press: Interview on Helmet Stories

21 October 2013

Here’s an interview I did with Helmet Stories, an adventure tour company and motorcycle portal:

An excerpt:

“Do you have any advice for all those aspiring motorcycle nomads?

I’d like to think I’m an ambassador for Slow Travel. Take it slow. If you have only a few days off, don’t think you have to cover huge distances, but go somewhere that is different to your place and let the pace of the journey reveal some adventures to you. And remember that you can have an adventure halfway around the world or just in your backyard. It’s all about your perspective. ” 😉