Jammin thru the Global South

Video from Colombia: Caucasia to Medellin

May 20, 2010I finally started recording with my GoPro and here’s the first video. It’s heading up from the small town of Caucasia up the mountains to Medellin. This is a main north-south highway, Route 25. Good quality roads but as expected, lots of trucks and overtaking on coming traffic.Click here for more Videos.

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Colombia, Part 1: Cartagena

May 14 – 19, 2010After being scared by everybody about how dangerous Colombia was, even though I knew better from other riders, I found a beautiful country filled with numerous warm and beautiful people. The people of Colombia welcomed me with open arms and I understood why so many previous travelers have raved about this…

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Colombia, Part 2: Medellin

May 19 – 23, 2010From Cartagena, I headed south to Medellin, about 700 kms (440 miles) away. I broke up the trip, spending a night in Caucasia, about halfway there. In Medellin, I met up with friends of Fernando Morales and Sargento who are also on, Jaime Andres and Dario Fernando. I planned to…

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Colombia, Part 3: Zona Cafetera

May 24 – 31, 2010After a nice weekend in Medellin, I headed to the coffee producing region, called the Zona Cafetera. Colombia is world famous for its coffee and its citizens are very proud of their product. I’m not really a coffee drinker but it sure did taste good. My contact was Jorge Peto, whom…

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Colombia, Part 4: Cali, Popayan, Pasto

May 31 – June 4, 2010After a week in Armenia and Calarca, it was time to get moving. I dropped down to Cali in the flat plains for two days. From there, I headed up to colonial Popayán and then to high-altitude Pasto and its stunning scenery. I was welcomed and hosted by local bikers…

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