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FAQ on Adventure Tours

How much motorcycling experience do I need before coming on your tours?

You shouldn't be a novice (got your license in the last month) but you don't need to be an expert. The main trait is to have confidence while riding. If you're comfortable in traffic and understand that you shouldn't grab the brakes in a corner or on gravel, you'll be fine. Know that all tours: 1) involve some off-roading, 2) are conducted in developing countries where traffic can be unpredictable and 3) some sections can get very gnarly. But don't worry, that's what Jay is there for, to guide you through and help you grow your motorcycling skills.

How fit do I need to be?

If you can do 50 push-ups in an hour, you'll be just fine. If not, start training now! Adventure motorcycle riding isn't a walk in the park.

How do I book a tour?

Contact JG ADV and we will start the booking process. Click here for details on booking and the terms and conditions.

Are flights included?

International flights to the starting point of a tour are not included. Some internal flights are included.

What kind of insurance do I need?

It is mandatory to have medical evacuation insurance and you must show proof of this before beginning the tour. If your current plan doesn't cover you in foreign countries and especially while doing adventure activities, pick up a plan from A 2-week global coverage plan for most citizens (including Indians) costs around $60. In addition, it's highly recommended that you purchase trip cancellation insurance.

Do I need a tourist visa?

Depending on your nationality, you may or may not need a visa. JG ADV can guide you through the visa process once the booking has been made.

What other paperwork do I need?

You must have a passport with 6 months or greater validity as most countries won't give you a visa if your passport is expiring. You must have a valid drivers license from your home country and also an International Driving Permit, which you can get from your local automobile association.

What vaccinations do I need?

Depending on your nationality and which country the tour is being held in, you may require some vaccinations. JG ADV will guide you on this once the booking has been made. Yellow Fever Vaccination is a common requirement and it's valid for 10 years, so might as well just get it done and have it handy.

What kind of motorcycles are provided?

The type of bike varies by the tour. In Ladakh, you'll be riding the cult Royal Enfield Bullet Classic 500 and in Mongolia, it's the Royal Enfield Bullet Machismo 500. In Peru, you'll be on a Suzuki DR650 (the bike that Jay did his world tour on) and in Kenya, it's the Kawasaki KLR650 (new generation).

Where do you get the motorcycles from? Are they flown in for each tour?

The motorcycles are sourced from local partners who are well-reputed and run a professional operation with properly maintained motorcycles.

What kind of accommodation is provided?

The level of service varies during the tour and across tours, but rest assured you will be staying in hygenic and the most suitable option in the areas we are riding through. It ranges from farm houses to boutique hotels; bed & breakfasts all the way to 5 star lodges. In some places, we will be staying in comfortable tented camps (such as in the Himalayas) but fear not, a proper toilet will be there. And hey, it's an adventure…

Will I be sharing a room during the tour?

Yes, unless you requested for a single supplement, which comes for an extra charge.

Can my spouse or non-riding partner come along?

Yes, most definitely. You can ride two-up or your non-riding partner can ride in the support vehicle. There are limited spaces in the support vehicle, but let us know during the booking and we'll sort it out. A pillion or non-riding guest will pay about 85% of the tour price.

How much baggage can I bring?

Most airlines have a 20 kg limit and it's requested that you pack as light as possible. You don't need that many shirts.

Do I need to bring my motorcycling gear?

Yes. You should bring your full face helmet, riding jacket, pants, boots and gloves. If you don't want to travel with it, let us know and gear can be arranged for an additional fee. Your gear should ideally be waterproof because you never know when the weather will change. It's highly recommended that you bring a rain suit.

How is Jammin Global Adventures socially and environmentally conscious?

Jay received a Masters of Science in Sustainable Development from SOAS (UK), which he did as a distance program during his three year long motorcycle journey and he is well aware of how to tread lightly on this earth and be supportive of those that are less fortunate than us. Since we're riding motorcycles and emitting CO2, JG ADV plans to implement a carbon offsetting program that includes supporting REDD+ initiatives in the countries where tours are conducted. REDD+ is a UN program that aims to reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation in developing countries. It's not enough, but it's a start.

Is traveling good for my health?

Absolutely! More details here.

If you have any additional questions, contact us.


Jammin thru the Global South was the 3+ year, 100,000+ km ride Jay did from the US to India via Latin America, Europe and Africa. Explore the photojournals at the Journey Posts tab.

Jammin Global Adventures is a tour company run by Jay Kannaiyan. He organizes small group, premium motorcycle adventures in Peru, Kenya, Mongolia, India and more.

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