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Jay Kannaiyan is an adventurer turned coder. He loves exploring our world on two wheels and building products and services to improve peoples' lives. Along the way he's been a product design engineer, entrepreneur in the adventure travel and air quality space, and now a full stack software engineer. He cares deeply about building community, nurturing idle time, and sharing good food. Have you heard of his chicken curry?

In 2010, Jay dropped everything he had in the US to ride his motorcycle back home to India by the longest possible route. The journey took him 3 years and 3 months as he rode through 33 countries across Latin America, Europe, and Africa, before finally reaching India in 2013. Jay and his motorcycle, sanDRina, encountered mechanical meltdowns, remote Mayan villages, weeks of high-altitude desert isolation, Caribbean and Atlantic voyages, humility, and friendship. The book about the journey has just been published. Get your copy on Amazon (in India, in the US).

His go-with-the-flow attitude mixed with a whatever-it-takes resolve deliver a story of global trails and an adventuring insight that brought him fame amongst the overland traveling community before his journey was even complete and after the trip, Jay launched Jammin Global Adventures, curating motorcycle escapades in Kenya, India, Mongolia, and Peru. In 2015, Jay co-founded and ran Smart Air Filters in India, raising awareness about air pollution and providing affordable solutions to indoor air quality. In 2017, Jay helped launch Kaiterra India, bringing effective air quality monitors to the sub-continent. In 2018, Jay switched gears and dived into the world of software development, currently with IBM in Austin, Texas.

Jay uses his varied experiences to inspire others to travel, explore, and discover how each one of us can contribute to a better world.

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Jay at the start of his trip in Chicago.

Riding Towards Me by Jay Kannaiyan

Jay with his published book, Riding Towards Me.

About Jammin Global Adventures

About Jammin thru the Global South


Jammin thru the Global South was the 3+ year, 100,000+ km ride Jay did from the US to India via Latin America, Europe and Africa. Explore the photojournals at the Journey Posts tab.

Jammin Global Adventures is a tour company run by Jay Kannaiyan. He organizes small group, premium motorcycle adventures in Peru, Kenya, Mongolia, India and more.

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