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Dreaming of Mongolia... this July!

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Dreaming of flying across the vast steppes of Mongolia aboard the majestic Royal Enfield Machismo. Can't wait to get back there. Who's coming? This July, 19 - 28. Be one among the very few that get to visit the open and welcoming land of Mongolia.

The 10 day tour starts and ends in [Ulanbataar](,106.916666667&spn=0.1,0.1&q=47.9166666667,106.916666667 (Ulan%20Bator)&t=h "Ulan Bator") and here are some of the highlights:

- Ride one of the true wilderness spaces on the planet - Sleep in yurts and feel like an explorer - Travel from the Khangai Mountains to Khogno Khan Sand Dunes - See the night sky like you've never seen it before! - Take a selfie with a Bactrian Camel - Spend a day on horseback in Orkhon Valley - Go fishing with the locals - Immerse yourself into Mongolian culture with a homestay - Ride with the eagles of the steppes

Contact us now to book your spot. Limited seats available.

Jammin thru Mongolia

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