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Motorcycle Travellers Meet at India Bike Week 2015

Motorcycle Meets, MTM1 min read

India Bike Week just happened and the MTM crew put on a great show at The Big Trip! Jammin Global is a core partner of MTM and we hosted tonnes of overland travellers, such as Hubert who has been riding around the world for 10 years on a Ural sidecar, Grant​ and Susan Johnson from Horizons Unlimited, Pat and Sheonagh, two elderly Brit ladies riding around on dirt bikes, along with seasoned travellers such as Avinash Thadani​, Sangeetha Jairam​ and Frank Voellm​ among many others. To be honest, many of those that came for the bike festival said our travellers tent was the most interesting thing going on and that shows our mission of enabling riders to follow their two-wheel dreams is growing ;)

Great job Motorcycle Travellers Meet - India​ Team!

India Bike Week India Bike Week 2015 at Vagator, Goa.

Hubert Ural Sidecar Hubert's Ural with a Sidecar. Traveling around the world for more than 10 years now. If you see him on the road, invite him home ;)

Avi Travel Talk Avinash Thadani shares his story of riding a KTM 640 Adv from New York down to [Tierra del Fuego](,-70.0&spn=0.1,0.1&q=-54.0,-70.0 (Tierra%20del%20Fuego)&t=h "Tierra del Fuego") and at the end of his presentation, he gave a little homage to Santosh Kumar, the man behind Motorcycle Travellers Meet - India. Thanks Avi!

MTM Crew The MTM crew all smiles at The Big Trip.

Women Riders Discussion Panel Women Riders Discussion Group. These ladies have ridden far and wide and hope they inspired a few more to get on the bike and start riding.


Jammin thru the Global South was the 3+ year, 100,000+ km ride Jay did from the US to India via Latin America, Europe and Africa. Explore the photojournals at the Journey Posts tab.

Jammin Global Adventures is a tour company run by Jay Kannaiyan. He organizes small group, premium motorcycle adventures in Peru, Kenya, Mongolia, India and more.

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