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Update: Assamese Selfie

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A curious little Assamese kid at a dhaba. Heavy fog this morning getting to Guwahati where traffic was snarled due to PM Modi visiting the region. Left the city and gliding through the twisty roads up to Kohora, the entrance to Kaziranga National Park. The Bullets are running great and feel very stable in the corners. There's not much horsepower in them so it's all about keeping the momentum up through the turns ;)


Jammin thru the Global South was the 3+ year, 100,000+ km ride Jay did from the US to India via Latin America, Europe and Africa. Explore the photojournals at the Journey Posts tab.

Jammin Global Adventures is a tour company run by Jay Kannaiyan. He organizes small group, premium motorcycle adventures in Peru, Kenya, Mongolia, India and more.

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