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Transcon: Exciting Northern Laos, Nong Khiaw

Laos, Live Updates1 min read

Exciting riding in Laos! From Luang Namtha, we continued on more sublime twisties and then there was a long stretch of construction through the jungle that made for fun offroading. It's the dry season now so that means we were covered in dust, the fine powdery kind that gets in everywhere! The landscape is just stunning here with so many limestone karst formations and the people are very friendly and always up for a photo.

Laos feels less developed than Thailand and I guess Vietnam also and we've been riding through rural areas seeing people working hard on the land. But China is just to the north and lots of construction is going on here. Glad to visit before it becomes too easy to travel through ;)

Ended up in Nong Khiaw for the night and what a location with steep mountains on either side of the Nam Ou River. It's nice and warm during the day but the nights are cold. Noel and I stayed right on the river and had some Beerlao while going over thrilling bits of the ride from the day.

Laotian girl on a scooter Laotian girl on a scooter

Tractor and Bullet Tractor and Bullet

Nong Khiaw Sunset Nong Khiaw Sunset

Adventure Riders in Laos Adventure Riders in Laos

Offroad riding in Laos Offroad riding in Laos


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