All roads in northern Laos lead to Luang Prabang. We took a day off to explore a bit of this unique town that has kept its charm through the years. There’s a mix of Lao and French colonial influences everywhere from the warm baguettes to the hammer and sickle flying from every building. We’ve been enjoying tasty noddle soups that come with heaps of fresh greens and for a change we found an Aussie sports bar for lunch! The day off was well used to wash all our gear that was covered in dust and take care of some bike issues, flat tire, welding, just the usual stuff 😉 Now we’re heading for the last week of this journey, a loop around Laos.

Royal Enfields in Luang Prabang
Royal Enfields in Luang Prabang! Riding from India to Laos.

Noodles in Laos
Super tasty Laotian noodles with crispy pork.

Communist presence in Laos
Laos is a communist country and we saw the red sickle flags all over. Every building has to fly it.