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Jammin South to South East Asia - The Start

Live Updates, Myanmar1 min read

Now that we're safely into Myanmar, I can reveal what this ride is about - Welcome to Jammin South to South East Asia! We're riding a pair of Royal Enfield Bullets from India through Myanmar and Thailand into Laos. Even though we had all our papers, we weren't sure we could cross the border but that's all behind us now and we're off exploring a new country :D

Epic day of riding from Kalay in the west, up and over the Chin Hills of the Arakan Mountains down into the Irrawaddy river basin and into [Mandalay](,96.0833333333&spn=0.1,0.1&q=21.975,96.0833333333 (Mandalay)&t=h "Mandalay") - a name that evokes a sense of a far-off place that is today a bustling city. The Arakan Mountains are covered in dense rain forest and we've timed it to be here in the dry season, which also meant lots of dust. The scenery is stunning; huge trees, green carpeted hills, lots of rivers and beautiful little villages with stilt houses.

Our Bullets make their presence known with their loud thumping and people wave and smile and are amused to see us trundling up and over the bumps. The bikes are doing great and Noel and I are gaining strong right legs with the hefty kicking these bikes need to get started. We have a long journey ahead and stay tuned as the adventure unfolds...

_Rivers near Kalay Rivers near Kalay

Wooden bridges of Myanmar Wooden bridges of Myanmar

Riding the Chin Hills of western Burma Riding the Chin Hills of western Burma

So much Burmese food! So much Burmese food!

Beautiful riding in the Arakan Mountains Beautiful riding in the Arakan Mountains_


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