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New Arai XD3 Helmet for New Riding Chapter

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1 August 2014

I got a new helmet! and yes, it's just like the old one. The graphics are too flashy for me, so I got it painted.

Arai make top of the line helmets and since this is my life and business now, got to go for the best. The older one is an Arai XD (1) that I bought used on eBay and it has served me wonderfully through my whole journey and then some. Thankfully I've never had to test how well it protects my head but a helmet's structure gets weak over the years and now it feels nasty inside, even after a thorough cleaning. Just imagine all the grime soaked in there! So, thanks to Josh Rhodes who brought me this new Arai XD3, again from eBay. They've already released the XD4, which I'll probably upgrade to in three years ;)

The old Arai XD and new XD3.

Masked and in the process of getting a new livery.

Mr Rawat in Munirka of New Delhi did a fine job of the painting.

How do you like that? It's matte but has a sheen right now that I hope will wear off after riding through some Kenyan dust ;)


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