Hosted by the Madras Regiment of the Indian Army in Udhampur

9 June 2013

At the gates of the 4th Battalion of the Madras Regiment in Udhampur, the Northern Command of the Indian Army.

From Srinagar, I had a busy ride south, working sanDRina through lots of traffic on mountainous roads. The presence of the Indian Army was felt all through Jammu & Kashmir and more so on the route between Srinagar and Jammu with convoys moving up and down. Thanks to Paul from the Madras Bulls, I was received as a VIP by the Madras Regiment, the oldest regiment in the Indian Army, in existence since the 1750s! The whole base was intrigued by sanDRina, especially the officers and majors; all of whom had bikes. sanDRina was feeling at home with her olive green livery 😉 I was hosted as a guest of honour and over scotch and dinner, I soaked in the history of this proud regiment and regaled them with tales from my journey.

One of the majors gave me a back route to take to avoid the traffic and I had a smooth ride out of J&K, back into Himachal Pradesh and up to Dharamsala. Can’t believe it, only two more nights left in this journey! 😀