Snapshot: Riding Up The Ghat Road To Kodai, A Childhood Home

1 May 2013

Today was a special day for me. I rode up the Ghat Road to Kodai, a place up on a mountain where I spent 10 years growing up in boarding school. I’ve traveled up and down this ghat road numerous times but this was the first time I had ridden it for myself and wow, what a fun road! So many twists and turns and narrow places with blind corners. Kodai sits at an elevation of around 2,135 m (7,000 ft) and the cool temps are a big relief from the hot plains. I’m staying with an old school friend, Hari Shankar Mani, who’s friends with the new school principal and we just had a small dinner party. The principal’s arranged for me to come speak at school 🙂

2 thoughts on “Snapshot: Riding Up The Ghat Road To Kodai, A Childhood Home

  1. Nice shot of the road, right where it begins. Awesome signage these days, right? And the road looks pretty decently and somewhat recently done up as well. Nice!

    I remember looking out for this point on the way up and down…the former because it let me know when to close my eyes tight and go to sleep, and the latter, well, to let me know when it was alright again. I wasn’t big on the whole “ghats” thing, and the “hairpin bends” used to have me getting sick a whole lot until I figured out a way around it. Oh man!

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