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Meeting My Sponsored Child in Lusaka

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28 December 2012

A special day in Zambia. I finally got to meet Abigail, the girl that I've been sponsoring through Children International. It's a charity from the US that lets you sponsor a child in vulnerable communities in the Americas, the Philippines, India and Zambia. I've been sponsoring since 2009 but the first girl's family moved out of the area, so the agency chose Abigail for me in 2010. She's 7 years old now and I'm not sure she understands what's going on but is happy to receive school supplies, medical care and gifts, such as this dress on her birthday. She's joining 1st grade in the new year and looks like a smart and well-behaved child :)

She came with her mother to meet me and I was moved when I heard her mother refer to her as Abi, as that was my nickname when I was a child and my memories of being called Abi are tied to my childhood in Zambia. And then the coincidences went one step further when her mother explained that they are from the Chipata area and moved to Lusaka for better jobs. Wow, there's some strong connection here. My parents are happy that I'm giving back to Zambia after all the good that being in Chipata had on our lives :D

If you're interested in sponsoring, check out
They're a highly-rated charity and 83% of my monthly $22 goes directly to Abigail.


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