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Broken Carburetor Jet Needle

DR6501 min read

I spoke too soon. Another issue with the bike :(

When my throttle cable broke on the way to Sao Paulo, I broke the tip of the jet needle in the carburetor during reassembly. Bike's been running rich. I found a machinist here and he mated a collar and put a new tip on it. This morning, that fix failed and the jet needle separated from the slide. On Monday, going to try and find another machinist to make me a whole new needle. Bike not running good any more. sanDRina's sick, but should be an easy cure with the right parts.

I was looking forward to relaxing on the sunny beaches of Brazil by now. Oh well, a few more days in Sao Paulo; nice city but expensive. And thankfully Ive found some real nice hosts here who're flexible with my bike issues :D

But everything else that I've done on the bike is working great. Just one more thing...

With the Street Fighters crew, the bike shop that I've been servicing sanDRina at. They've accepted me in their family having spent most of the week there.

The first solution to my broken jet needle. Mating a collar and a new needle tip. But this didn't last.

Exhaust valves from a 32,000 mile engine.

Exhaust valves after a reface, which should make the engine perform better and last longer. I'm all about preventative maintenance.

How do you like the Jammin Adjustable Side Stand? We cranked up the rear spring a bit more than it was before as mechanic said it's sitting at the right height now but side stand is too short for the bike being this tall now, so 3 bolts acting as extension legs to increase the length of the kick stand.


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