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DR Engine Swap

DR650, USA1 min read

March 22 - 24, 2010

Mike came forward on ADVrider after hearing my engine issues and offered to help with the engine swap. He was only about 10 mins away from Jul's place, so I moved my DR there and then went down to San Jose to pick up Shridhar's DR from a shop there. He had some carb issues but otherwise the engine was known to be running good.

Mike and I worked straight through the evening to complete the engine swap. We started about 6 pm and had both motors pulled by about 9 pm. After a good dinner break, we got to putting the new motor in my DR and fired it up at around 3 am. We wrenched diligently with no rush and made no mistakes. It was satisfying to have the motor fire up on the first try.

However, she wasn't idling too well and I took her to Werkstatt the next morning to have them look her over and Daniel there showed me the Air Speed Screw that I didn't know about, which was out too far making the air/fuel mixture too rich. With a few adjustments, sanDRina was running smooth and I was on my way out of San Francisco.

Mike working on Shirdhar's bike. His apartment building came with access to this big underground garage area with enough space to work on the bikes.

Both the motors out of the frames.

A Captain moment, arrgh.

Goodbye original engine. Sorry to end your life so soon, but sounds like you'll get a second lease pretty soon (Procycle is taking this lump off my hands).

Getting the donor motor in my frame. We both gained more experience in DR engine swaps this night. Back in the motor through the left side and then turn in once it's in the frame and then line up the engine mounts. Easy as pie.

Getting friendly with the new motor.

She fired up on the first shot. Yeah baby, sanDRina rides again!

Taking her to Werkstatt to fine tune the idle and air/fuel mixture settings. 15 mins worth of their time and sanDRina was purring smoothly. Time to head out of San Francisco. It was a good two weeks spent here and I enjoyed the city, but iching to get further south.

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