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Sponsors1 min read

Jammin thru the Global South was primarily a self-funded trip but I was assisted with replacement gear from the following companies between 2010 and 2013.

Happy Trails, an adventure touring company in Boise, Idaho.

They replaced my left and right panniers after cracks started showing up in the welds. This is in northern Peru, on the way to Cajamarca.

Catoma Outdoor, an adventure shelter company, making tents that are lightweight and durable.

They replaced my Catoma Twist after a tent pole snapped. This is in the Bolivian Pampas (savanna).

The Tool Tube, a dedicated motorcyclist making available useful tool tubes.

Devon replaced one of my Mega Tool Tubes after a support bracket snapped. This is in Guatemala, filling up the tires as I reached the end of the dirt road with a small air compressor that I carry in one of the tool tubes.

Street Fighters, a motorcycle shop in Sao Paulo, who service race bikes, do customization, have a bar in the front and are cultivating a friendly motorcycle haven.

They've been very kind to me as I got the bike serviced here. I was accepted as one of the family spending many days over-hauling the bike as I could trust their mechanics who did an outstanding job.

If you're interested in sponsoring this trip either through product or financial donations, please contact me by clicking here.

Or consider making a small donation through Paypal.


Jammin thru the Global South was the 3+ year, 100,000+ km ride Jay did from the US to India via Latin America, Europe and Africa. Explore the photojournals at the Journey Posts tab.

Jammin Global Adventures is a tour company run by Jay Kannaiyan. He organizes small group, premium motorcycle adventures in Peru, Kenya, Mongolia, India and more.

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