Jammin thru the Global South

Tanzania, Part 1: Down the Western side and Bike Problems

4 – 26 September 2012After my loop through Uganda and Rwanda, I entered the land of grand savannahs. Tanzania is synonymous with names such as the Serengeti and Ngorongoro but I was routing down its less well-known western side, where the roads are still un-tarred as it passes through small villages and towns. My plan…

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Tanzania, Part 2: sanDRina is Cured and the Journey Continues

14 – 25 November 2012I received the parts that I thought would fix sanDRina’s issues and boarded the bus back to Tanzania with some trepidation, wondering what I would do if these parts also didn’t fix the issue. Well, replacing the generator and all sorts of electrical components did not fix the issue but in…

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