Jammin thru the Global South

Sailing on the Stahlratte, Part 2: Cruising the Caribbean

May 10 – 14, 2010Setting sail on Day 1 of the voyage.The jungled mountains of the Darien staying close as we hugged the coast heading down the San Blas Archipelago.Ship detail on an island.Arriving at Isla Moron (in Kuna language: Narrasgandup Dummat), our destination for the first night. Bike was covered to protect against the…

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Grimaldi, Part 3: Engine Room and Landing in Europe

March 6 – 14, 2011From Dakar, we headed up the western coast of North Africa and then rounded Western Europe before sailing through the English Channel for the final leg to Hamburg. It got a lot colder as we moved north and the waters were choppy around France as everyone was in anticipation of getting…

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Crossing the Mediterranean on Visemar One

May 4 – 7, 2011 From Central Europe, I was heading to Egypt. Usually, there are three options for this route. The classic route would’ve been to go through Italy, Sicily and then onto Tunisia, across Libya and into Egypt. However, the Arab Spring was in full swing in Libya by early May and it…

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