Jammin thru the Global South

Mozambique, Part 1: The Remote North and Lake Malawi

4 – 7 December 2012After my extended stay in East Africa, it was finally time to enter Southern Africa. Mozambique has been a country that I was really looking forward to experiencing after the many positive things other travelers have said and also because it’s a Portuguese-speaking country. My travels through Brazil developed my love…

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Mozambique, Part 2: Heading across Niassa Province to Pemba

7 – 11 December 2012After my little break on the shores of Lake Malawi, I headed east, across the remote region of Niassa Province towards Pemba, on the coast. Mozambique is developing quickly with the Chinese laying new roads everywhere and the route that heads east from Lichinga to Pemba was in varied states of…

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Mozambique, Part 4: Coastal Off-roading through Moma

13 – 14 December 2012On my long journey, there were various small adventures and the ones I cherish the most are the ones that take me off-road for it is there that we pass through remote, rural lands and see the people who live far away from the civilization we know. After a day-off at…

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