Riding with Ted Simon to Goa for India Bike Week

21 January 2014

Riding a ferry with Ted Simon across a channel to Goa for India Bike Week. It’s been an excellent ride on Royal Enfield Bullets down from Bombay along the coast with the Helmet Stories crew. Discovering beach roads, gorging on fish and enjoying Tedisms – the man is full of quirky sayings. What a pleasure to hear stories from both his round the world motorcycle journeys 🙂

JamminGlobal at India Bike Week in Goa

30 December 2013

Excited to announce that I’ve been invited to India Bike Week in Goa (17-18 Jan 2014) and will be presenting about my trip in front of India’s largest gathering of bikers. They only started last year, but IBW has big plans for becoming the Woodstock of motorcycle festivals.

And what’s really exciting is that Ted Simon has also been invited! For those that don’t know, he’s a legend in the adventure motorcycling community having traveled around the world in the 70s and author of Jupiter’s Travels that has inspired many a RTW rider. It’s going to be an honor to ride with Ted from Bombay to Goa


Health Update: All Cured from Dengue!

5 November 2013

I’m all cured from dengue! I was out for about 10 days and 3 of those were really terrible but I recovered quickly. The main thing was to monitor the platelet count in my blood. It dipped below the threshold of 150 units to 130 and but came back up to a healthy 350 and that means my body has beat back the virus. There’s no cure for it except rest, lots of paracetamol, water and whatever remedy you hear of for increasing platelets (papaya leaf juice, liver, pomegranate, etc).

I spent a nice Diwali with my family in our farmlands outside Chennai. I’m picking fresh brinjals (eggplant) here with my dad from my uncle’s plot.

Flew back into Delhi and it’s been years since I experienced Diwali with such ferocity. It sounded like a bombing campaign with the non-stop fireworks. Here’s to a new year!

Down and Out with Dengue Fever

28 October 2013

Uggh, been diagnosed with Dengue Fever, also known as Breakbone Fever. Aptly named as my joints and muscles ache all over. Have flown down to Chennai for some personalized medical care by Doctor Mom.

Three years on the road and hardly a sickness. Although I did get stung by that scorpion in Namibia. Stopped traveling for a few months now in Delhi and have come down with food poisoning, dehydration and now dengue. Wish I could see Dr. Ernesto Guevara for I know he would prescribe the perfect medicine… a long motorcycle journey 😉

Had to take the first IV drip of my life to get enough fluids into the bloodstream:

It’s about Day 7 now and I’m on the recovery path. Lost about 10 lbs this week. Gawd, what a brutal feeling the first few days were. Incredibly weak, could hardly sleep or eat. But the end is in sight! Mutton for lunch!

Join me for a Live Chat on Yahoo! India Monday 2:30 pm IST

15 June 2013

The trip has finished and a lot of you have questions on how I did it, how can you do something like this and what’s the story behind sanDRina’s name?

Join me for a post-trip Live Chat on Yahoo! India this Monday at 2:30 pm IST (9:00 am GMT) and ask away 🙂 tweet your queries with the #JamminIndia hashtag.

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