Update: Assamese Selfie


A curious little Assamese kid at a dhaba.
Heavy fog this morning getting to Guwahati where traffic was snarled due to PM Modi visiting the region. Left the city and gliding through the twisty roads up to Kohora, the entrance to Kaziranga National Park. The Bullets are running great and feel very stable in the corners. There’s not much horsepower in them so it’s all about keeping the momentum up through the turns 😉

Update: First Day Chai

Chai should always be served in clay cups 🙂

Left Delhi before dawn and watched the sun struggle to rise against the smog. Easy riding on the highway to Agra and then madness on the local highways of Uttar Pradesh. Got the bikes serviced at Royal Enfield in Kanpur as the engines have just been rebuilt. Good to be riding with Noel.


Snapshot: Temporarily on a Honda XR250L

8 October 2012

I’m back on two wheels 🙂 Check out my temporary ride for my extra break in Nairobi: it’s a beautiful 1986 Honda XR250L. Ash, a local rider, has been following my trip for a while and let me borrow his bike for the few weeks that I’ll be in Nairobi. So kind of him. Thanks, buddy!! My exams start tomorrow and preparation has gone well. Then another one on Friday and I’m all done. For sanDRina, new stator has shipped from the US and waiting on new CDI and wiring harness from my parts stash in India.

Snapshot: Mara River Crossing

27 September 2012

Crossing the Mara River at sunset in Northwestern Tanzania.

I made it back to Nairobi after 24 hrs sitting and bouncing in buses. Nice journey; covered in dust as I rode out of the bush and then a ferry across a gulf on Lake Victoria. I smiled when I got on the first bus as they were playing Bob Marley videos. My anthem was on: Jammin’ and of course, at full volume 🙂 Took this bus to the border and my first land crossing without a vehicle, very quick and caught the last night bus on the Kenyan side into Nairobi by early morning.

Busy day today and I managed to change my exams to Nairobi. Then rode with my boda boda friend, Daniel to Gikomba second-hand market and I bought some jeans and shoes to fit in with my city friends for the next few weeks 😉 Thanks to Davide for letting me crash at his place. Wow, WiFi and hot showers… the good life :p

Snapshot: Sunrise at Watamu, Kenya

20 December 2011

Just before sunrise over the Indian Ocean from Watamu on the Kenyan coast. The colors of twilight were heavily peace-inducing but contrasted with my anticipation of the moment the Sun’s leading edge would cross the horizon. Fishing boats were heading out to sea and I was headed for another lazy day on the beach. [Shot in Dec 2011, using a Canon 50D/Sigma 10-20mm Lens at 10mm, f/4, 1/15 sec]

Status Update: Beach Break

Aah, I could get used to this life. Lazing on the beaches of sleepy Watamu. Went snorkeling for the first time, beautiful corals 🙂 Eating lots of fish and chapati. A little paradise on the African coast with clear skies at night. Volcanic rocks are being broken down by the surf and the extreme tides here, makes for an epic landscape. Enjoying multiple cold showers thru the day. Last day on the coast.

Status Update: Beach Break

Things are slowing down here for Christmas and New Years and I’m heading down to the Kenyan coast for some R&R. Driving with a few friends for three days in Watamu, a sleepy little town with beautiful white beaches 🙂