Formula 1 2018 Calendar with Race and Qualification Timings

The Formula 1 2018 season is just around the corner! Here’s a google calendar with all the race and qualification timings correctly entered with their respective time zones. You can just bookmark this page or add this public calendar to your google calendar.

Link to the calendar: F1 2018 Race And Quali Calendar

You’ll notice that this year the race start time is pushed back by 10 mins. This is to accommodate advertisers on the local broadcast.

10 Reasons to Visit Spiti Valley in Gorgeous Timelapse

Just came across the gorgeous creative works of Saravana Kumar, who is traveling around India shooting timelapse. He quit his corporate life for one spent outdoors through all that nature throws at him as he captures the beauty of places in timelapse. This video about Spiti sure makes me want to jump on the bike and ride there right now!

Check out his other work at:

Support him on Patreon.

And here’s an interview with the man behind the lens.

Dreaming of Mongolia… this July!

Dreaming of flying across the vast steppes of Mongolia aboard the majestic Royal Enfield Machismo. Can’t wait to get back there. Who’s coming? This July, 19 – 28. Be one among the very few that get to visit the open and welcoming land of Mongolia.

The 10 day tour starts and ends in Ulanbataar and here are some of the highlights:

– Ride one of the true wilderness spaces on the planet
– Sleep in yurts and feel like an explorer
– Travel from the Khangai Mountains to Khogno Khan Sand Dunes
– See the night sky like you’ve never seen it before!
– Take a selfie with a Bactrian Camel
– Spend a day on horseback in Orkhon Valley
– Go fishing with the locals
– Immerse yourself into Mongolian culture with a homestay
– Ride with the eagles of the steppes

Contact us now to book your spot. Limited seats available.

Jammin thru Mongolia

    Update: Bagan Sunrise and Lungis

    After an epic sunrise at Bagan where the sun slowly revealed the field of pagodas, we rode east across Myanmar, up and over the Shan Hills. The landscape of this country changes everyday and I love it! After a short break at the hill station of Kalaw for some coffee and fried snacks, we descended down to Inlay Lake for another day off.

    But just a few kilometers from the end of the day, my clutch cable felt that it snapped. With Noel’s encouragment, I managed to ride the bike without using the clutch till our hotel. After poking around a bit, I found out it wasn’t the clutch cable but the plate that attaches to the end of the cable in the gear box. Good thing the garage manager and mechanics at Vintage Rides warned me of this and gave me spares for this part. I found a local mechanic, who had never worked on such a bike, but I could tell that he knew what he was doing, and together we got the part changed.

    Oh and to blend in better, Noel and I bought lungis! All the men in Myanmar wear lungis, which they call lungee. It’s considered formal wear and only the younger urban generation wears pants. They tie it differently than lungies of South India and it’s really easy to walk in and of course, lots of ventilation 😉






    Update: The Pagodas of Bagan in Myanmar

    Myanmar continues to impress. From Mandalay we rode along the Ayerawaddy River to Bagan, an amazing site of thousands of pagados and temples built almost a millenia ago. Noel and I are enjoying how friendly and welcoming the locals are. On the way to Bagan, I randomly stopped under some shady trees and there happened to be a farmer’s house there where we had a cup of green tea and a sticky rice snack. Visitors are always welcome in Myanmar and it’s wonderful to experience it.

    After 10 days on the road from Delhi, we finally took a day off to let our bones and the bikes’ suspensions rest. It was also a wash day and we cleaned all our gear, shedding a kg or two in dirt.

    We have a guide for our trip along with a government escort as we are doing something out of the norm in crossing this once-restricted country on our own vehicles. We are supposed to follow the pilot car but they are really nice and let us ride ahead at times. Our guide, Michael, was once a philosophy graduate and now wants foreigners to take away a great impression of his country.

    Bagan is the most touristy site in the country and rightly so with its stunning wealth of pagodas and temples. Some are grand and covered in gold leaf and others are simple with exposed brick. All of them have an image of the Buddha inside and people still pray here. At the end of the day, we climbed up to watch the sun do its magic across the Plains of Bagan. The magnitude of nature never ceases to amaze us, moreso when you are standing atop a thousand year old pagoda with a magnificent sun setting in the west and the full moon rising in the east silhouetting hundreds of pagodas.






    Update: Welcome to Myanmar!


    We continued riding east and now we’re into Myanmar!! First time crossing a land border with a Royal Enfield and wow, so thrilled to make it through the Moreh/Tamu border between India and Myanmar!

    The Indian army has built this road a bit of the way into Myanmar and BRO leaves their trademark of smirky road safety signs, just like in Ladakh.

    First impressions are that the people are super friendly and gentle and the landscape is lush. We rode south from the border along the mountains of Manipur and now we’re in Kalay. Lunch was exciting and delicious; fish, quail eggs and other things I couldn’t recognize. We’re riding right across this country as it opens up to the outside world 🙂