Route Plan: Jammin thru India, 8000 kms (5000 miles) in 40 days

23 April 2013

Here’s the route plan for the last leg of my journey. It’ll be a 40 day 8,000 km (5,000 mile) road trip around India.

From Chennai, I’ll be heading to my old school at Kodai and then the southernmost point of India at Kanyakumari. From there, it’s north thru Kerala, Goa and Mumbai and then inland to Khajuraho and Agra. I’m planning about three weeks to get to Agra and then three weeks for a loop through the mountains.

After showing sanDRina the Rockies, the Andes, the Alps and the Simiens, I’d like to thank her for taking me on this journey by showing her the mighty Himalayas. We’ll be ending the journey after traversing some of the highest mountain passes in the world.

From Kashmir, a quick stop in Amritsar and then the journey ends when we arrive in Delhi.

See the full journey route map here:

Route Plan Update: Southern Africa to India

25 January 2013

Here’s how my route map through Africa into India looks now 🙂

Change of plans after the long delays I’ve had meant that going up through West Africa wasn’t feasible any longer. Gotta save some of Africa for later 😉 I’ve been enjoying Southern Africa and a nice loop around South Africa will be a good end to the journey through this epic continent. From Cape Town, I’m looking into shipping options to India. Trying to find a ship that’ll take me and sanDRina over the waters to Chennai. After importing sanDRina, we plan to ride around India for a bit and end up in Delhi. Think we’ll get there around April…

Click here for the full route map:

Click on it to go to the interactive version in Google Maps.

Route Map for Africa

sanDRina is finally packed and we are ready to roll tomorrow! Here’s my proposed route map for the rest of my journey around Africa. I’m starting from Kenya, making a quick loop through the rest of East Africa, then heading south thru Mozambique into South Africa by October where I’ll take the last two exams on my masters and then I’m done with the degree. From there, I’ll be turning north and heading thru Namibia, Zambia, DRC and into West Africa thru Cameroon, Chad and Niger. I’d like to go thru Mali, but that depends on whether it’s stable enough by next Feb/March. If not, I’ll head thru Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire, Guinea and into Senegal. From there, it’s up into Morocco and then Europe. This is just a plan and plans are subject to change 😉

sanDRina’s been loaded up for the journey and I’ll have to get used to riding a heavy bike again. It’s back to living out of my panniers and no more jeans or shoes, just cargo pants and Keen sandals 🙂

Goodbye Nairobi! It’s been fantastic. I made so many great friends and had lovely experiences all over the country 😀

Here comes Part 2 of my RTW journey…

Click on it to go to the interactive version in Google Maps.

Jammin thru the Global South Route Plan

The general route plan is to ride around South America in 2010 and then ship or fly over the Atlantic to spend 2011 around Africa and then make my way towards India.

Click here to view in Google Maps

Being a geo-political news junkie, I’ve been keeping abreast of the news in the regions I’ll be traveling through and will avoid areas that are deemed unstable. However, one thing going in my favor is my brown skin color. In Mexico, with the few Spanish phrases that I could speak, people assumed I was Mexican since they can range from fair to dark and brown fits in there somewhere. I’ll be taking a Spanish language immersion course in Guatemala and if I can come out of there speaking fluently, I should be able to pass for a local in many countries. Of course, I’ll see what I can do about learning Portuguese for Brazil. My French is going to need a brush-up before I enter West Africa and besides that English should get me by along with a dose of respect for the locals.

After Africa, I’d like to continue overland through the Middle East into India. However, I’m not sure I can get a visa for Pakistan or if I’ll be allowed to cross the border from Iran into Pakistan at Taftan. But that’s two years away and I’ll figure it out as I get closer.

Being an Indian citizen, my situation dictates that once I leave the US, the only country that will bureaucratically welcome me with open arms will be Mother India and thus the journey will be heading towards there. However, I might slow down somewhere along the way. And that could be in southern Africa, as I consider Zambia to be a second home and would like to give back to the country that provided me an exciting childhood.

Along with noting down the routes traversed by previous motorcycle travelers, the general climate in each region will dictate how the route goes. For example, I’ll be avoiding the rainy season in Brazil and the super hot summers of the Sahara.

The line shows my approximate route:

Latin America Climate Route Planner

Africa Climate Route Planner

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