Press: I Made News at The Economic Times!

04 October 2013

All the previous press on my trip was in the feature sections, but this time, I made news! Google me under news: ๐Ÿ˜‰

Guess I can’t shake my corporate history… An excerpt from Vijay Kurup at The Economic Times: “I met Kannaiyan last week in Delhi. He does not fit into the quintessential hardcore image of an explorer, but comes through more as a soft-spoken corporate executive. He talks in a measured tone with a humorous glint in his eyes and a lingering half smile on his face. He had that winsome personality essential to traversing continents and meeting ‘interesting souls’ from diverse backgrounds.”

Click here for the high resolution scan or read it online.

Press: Featured on, A Curation of Adventure Travellers

10 Sep 2013

Big thanks to Iain Harper from The Ted Simon Foundation for featuring my trip on! This is a new site curated by Iain that “celebrates thought-provoking journeys, challenging expeditions and the explorers who venture into their personal terra incognita to make them.”

This shot was taken in northern Sudan, just past Wadi Halfa, about a thousand clicks from Khartoum across the Sahara…

Press: Feature in The Asian Age – Delhi Edition

29 Aug 2013

Here’s a feature on my trip that came out in the Delhi edition of The Asian Age.

It was a phone interview and a few things were lost in translation, like how I meant ‘hospitable people’ instead of ‘hostile people’ and my first proper bike was a Suzuki GS500 instead of the stated ‘Yamaha Suzuki ZF500’ and yeah, excuse the lack of a spell check for Maxico and Sodan :p

Press: Article on about my Chicken Curry and Its Effects

10 April 2013

Here’s a tasty article written by Alice Gugelev๏ปฟ on about the chicken curry that I’ve been cooking on my journey.

Excerpt: ‘The site of Jay bursting into someoneโ€™s kitchen to start preparing his famous chicken curry sounds strange to many of us, even more so for a woman to let a strange biker into her house because her husband just met him on the road.’ ๐Ÿ˜‰

Here’s the recipe if you want to try my Jammin Chicken Curry: