Jammin Global at Delhi Bikers Fest

4 March 2014

At the Delhi Bikers Fest on my birthday, standing here with Sundeep Gajjar, the founder of xBhp, a huge Indian motorcycling forum and now magazine, and Arun Thareja, founder of the Group of Delhi Superbikers. Both of these guys, along with many others at the fest, have put in a tremendous effort in growing the motorcycling scene in India. Good to meet lots of bike enthusiasts and hopefully someone got inspired to start their own journey after seeing sanDRina and my presentation πŸ˜‰

Big thanks to Joshua John and his team (Sanjeev, Tarique and more) for pulling off the fest and bringing all the various flavours of bikers together at one event. There were vintage bikes, Harleys, superbikes, Enfields and of course, traveling bikes πŸ™‚

Ted Simon and a Harley-Davidson on the way to Goa

28 January 2014

This sums up Ted Simon’s view of Harleys.

On the Helmet Stories ‘Ride with the Legends’ from Bombay to Goa for India Bike Week, Harley-Davidson, being a major sponsor of the event, wanted Sir Ted to ride this new Sporster Super Low. He took one spin on it, jumped off and said, ‘Jay, you ride the Harley, I’m riding the Enfield.’ The seating position is not kind to the knees and the handlebar position isn’t the best. But, I’m good at riding anything on two wheels fast, so I enjoyed the Harley with its torquey engine and well-balanced chassis; first time to ride a belt-driven bike! Its super short suspension kept bottoming out on the rough coastal roads we were on and I resorted to standing on the pegs and riding it like a dirt bike. Ted quipped that India is the only place where you can ride off-road on tarmac πŸ˜‰

Pictures from Delhi Bikers Celebratory Ride for JamminGlobal

6 July 2013

On July 6th, 300 bikers from Delhi came out for a celebratory ride in my honor. Wow, I feel the love and felt so honored and welcomed! Thank you, guys!

Ride announcement by Joshua John, the organizer of Delhi Bikers Breakfast Run. He works hard at bringing all the different clubs together.

A similar picture was taken at the start of the trip and now this completes it. :norton

sanDRina and I riding… what we do best.

Riding with Delhi Bikers. 300 of them to the horizon and beyond!

New stickers

New stickers

Being presented with a ride t-shirt.

Answering lots of questions about the trip and all the features on sanDRina.

With the ride marshals of DBBR. They would ride ahead and stop traffic at intersections so that the long line of riders could continue without breaking up. Nicely done.

Crazy energy from all the bikers there!

Another group shot.

Thanks to everyone that came out!

The End of the Trip at India Gate, New Delhi!!

11 June 2013

That’s India Gate and this is the end of the trip!! Jammin thru the Global South was a motorcycle journey that began in Chicago on March 5, 2010 and ended in New Delhi on June 11, 2013. Wow… hasn’t sunk in yet πŸ™‚

I had an easy ride from Chandigarh into New Delhi and was thinking back of all the good rides on this trip and the tough times that tested me. So many wonderful sights seen, beautiful people met and tasty food savoured.

Thanks to everyone who followed along and shared in this journey!

And thanks to Joshua Johnο»Ώ and the other Bullet riders who welcomed me into Delhi and celebrated over champagne and beers πŸ˜€

Hosted by the Madras Regiment of the Indian Army in Udhampur

9 June 2013

At the gates of the 4th Battalion of the Madras Regiment in Udhampur, the Northern Command of the Indian Army.

From Srinagar, I had a busy ride south, working sanDRina through lots of traffic on mountainous roads. The presence of the Indian Army was felt all through Jammu & Kashmir and more so on the route between Srinagar and Jammu with convoys moving up and down. Thanks to Paul from the Madras Bulls, I was received as a VIP by the Madras Regiment, the oldest regiment in the Indian Army, in existence since the 1750s! The whole base was intrigued by sanDRina, especially the officers and majors; all of whom had bikes. sanDRina was feeling at home with her olive green livery πŸ˜‰ I was hosted as a guest of honour and over scotch and dinner, I soaked in the history of this proud regiment and regaled them with tales from my journey.

One of the majors gave me a back route to take to avoid the traffic and I had a smooth ride out of J&K, back into Himachal Pradesh and up to Dharamsala. Can’t believe it, only two more nights left in this journey! πŸ˜€

sanDRina in the Snow at Baralacha La, My Vehicle for this Journey

7 June 2013

sanDRina playing in the snow at Baralach Pass. She’s done me good these last three years and more; my vehicle for this journey and my home on the road. As we crossed the last pass today, Zoji La, which connects Ladakh to Kashmir, I thanked her for carrying me from the US to India thru Latin America, Europe and Africa. One last thousand kilometers to go…

Crossing into the Kashmir Valley was just as they say it is, beautiful! Green trees, snow peaks and gushing rivers. But the altitude has also dropped and it’s hot once again. Srinagar is busy with summer tourists and I’m already missing the quietness of Ladakh.

Riding the Grand Himalayan Mountains

6 June 2013

Riding the Grand Himalayan Mountains. That little black dot is me riding sanDRina in the dry, colorful, high-altitude deserts of Ladakh, on the way to Pang, the first little dhaba junction in Jammu & Kashmir. Wah, what a ride! So much to appreciate about the greater forces in motion around us. Those slopes look unstable and they are as rock slides are frequent. Photo was taken by some biker friends I made on the way.

I’ve left Leh and reached Kargil today, the northern most point on my route. So, Kanyakumari to Kargil, done. From here I’m turning south for the last few days of my journey into Delhi. Mixed emotions; sad that it’s coming to an end but thrilled that it actually happened!

Riding the Manali-Leh Highway, Tangala Pass at 5,350 m (17,548 ft)!

5 June 2013

sanDRina and I near the Tangala Pass at 5,350 m (17,548 ft). We did it! We rode the Manali-Leh Highway and journeyed through the high Himalayas. It was an epic four days of climbing up and down high passes, brushing up against endless snow banks, chugging through mud and marveling at the beauty of grand nature. The change from the wet side of the Himalayas into the drier side was quite dramatic, especially as the sky was a surreal deep blue, all the way to the horizon. It was very distracting to be looking from one amazing view to another while paying attention to the changing road conditions. sanDRina performed like a champ and she’s actually running better at these high altitudes than down on the plains. I think she wants to stay here…

Crossing Rohtang Pass with Snow Banks! On The Way to Leh

1 June 2013

Did I mention I love snow? πŸ˜€
Crossing Rohtang Pass at 3,990 m (13,090 ft), the first high pass on the road to Leh. On the other side the views were epic as sanDRina chugged her way through cold, wet mud. Made it to the dhabas at Darcha at 3,350 m (10,990 ft) and slept at the beds in the back. No toilets, so did my morning rituals by the river with amazing views of snow peaks! What a way to start the day πŸ˜‰

Impressed that BSNL (national carrier) has 2G data coverage out here.