Press: Article on about my Chicken Curry and Its Effects

10 April 2013

Here’s a tasty article written by Alice Gugelev on about the chicken curry that I’ve been cooking on my journey.

Excerpt: ‘The site of Jay bursting into someone’s kitchen to start preparing his famous chicken curry sounds strange to many of us, even more so for a woman to let a strange biker into her house because her husband just met him on the road.’ 😉

Here’s the recipe if you want to try my Jammin Chicken Curry:

Snapshot: Healthy Antioxidant Cooking

26 October 2011

Now that I’m spending some time in Nairobi, I’m enjoying the pleasures of cooking again. This is a stir-fry I made using eggplant, broccoli and beetroot, which gives it the strong, red color. There’s lots of anti-oxidants in there so I try to keep the frying time to a minimum. Along with that, there’re onions, ginger, garlic, green chillies, cumin, dark soy sauce and cilantro with day-old rice. [Shot in October 2011, with a Canon SD940 at f/2.8 and ISO-400]