Got featured on! Hit the link to find out why I rode from the US to India, what it took and how you can get on the road.

Excerpt: “Calling all travel and motorcycling enthusiasts, this is one story you absolutely must know about! His ‘follow your dream’ philosophy and pursuit of his own kind of ‘freedom’, makes him an inspiration for anyone who has found their real passion, but is too scared to go the distance with it. Having moved to the US from India to pursue a career in engineering; 10 years on, Jay dropped everything he had to motorcycle his way all across South America, into Europe, and through Africa to return to his hometown, Chennai. Staying with local hosts wherever he went, his is by far the most immersive travel experience you’ve ever heard of – and here’s how he did it.”

RedBull and Jay Kannaiyan
Peeps with Wings – Jay Kannaiyan |