Press: Yahoo India covers Jammin thru India, One Year On

1 May 2014

It was one year ago that I began the last leg of my journey, a 40 day, 8,000 km ride from Kanyakumari to Kargil called Jammin thru India. I live-blogged it for Yahoo India and head over if you’d like to see daily video clips and updates from the journey. My friend at Yahoo, Bijoy Venugopal, wrote this piece summing up my journey and on the joys of solo travel.

Excerpt: “Only misery loves company. Solitude is its own reward. Solitude is not loneliness; it is the joy of alone-ness, of being in touch with yourself, of discovering your inner core. This philosophy is driving a global solo travel movement that is inspiring more and more people to leave it all behind and embark on a life-affirming journey of discovery, often with no clear destination or return ticket. There is only one aim: Departure. And within that are enfolded the manifold possibilities of discovery, self-realization, purpose, even relationships and career. Believe it or not, everyone can afford one. Jay Kannaiyan did, and his journey is proof that we all can.”