Health Update: All Cured from Dengue!

5 November 2013

I’m all cured from dengue! I was out for about 10 days and 3 of those were really terrible but I recovered quickly. The main thing was to monitor the platelet count in my blood. It dipped below the threshold of 150 units to 130 and but came back up to a healthy 350 and that means my body has beat back the virus. There’s no cure for it except rest, lots of paracetamol, water and whatever remedy you hear of for increasing platelets (papaya leaf juice, liver, pomegranate, etc).

I spent a nice Diwali with my family in our farmlands outside Chennai. I’m picking fresh brinjals (eggplant) here with my dad from my uncle’s plot.

Flew back into Delhi and it’s been years since I experienced Diwali with such ferocity. It sounded like a bombing campaign with the non-stop fireworks. Here’s to a new year!