Pictures from Delhi Bikers Celebratory Ride for JamminGlobal

6 July 2013

On July 6th, 300 bikers from Delhi came out for a celebratory ride in my honor. Wow, I feel the love and felt so honored and welcomed! Thank you, guys!

Ride announcement by Joshua John, the organizer of Delhi Bikers Breakfast Run. He works hard at bringing all the different clubs together.

A similar picture was taken at the start of the trip and now this completes it. :norton

sanDRina and I riding… what we do best.

Riding with Delhi Bikers. 300 of them to the horizon and beyond!

New stickers

New stickers

Being presented with a ride t-shirt.

Answering lots of questions about the trip and all the features on sanDRina.

With the ride marshals of DBBR. They would ride ahead and stop traffic at intersections so that the long line of riders could continue without breaking up. Nicely done.

Crazy energy from all the bikers there!

Another group shot.

Thanks to everyone that came out!