sanDRina Crated and Ready for Her Sea Voyage

28 February 2013

sanDRina all crated up and ready for her sea voyage to India. This is the first time I’ve crated her on this trip, having managed to find ferries, sail boats and car-carrying ships across the water bodies from Chicago to Cape Town. But from here to Chennai she’s going on a regular container ship, a 30 day journey. I tried to find passage on a ship for myself, but no luck. Oh well, air travel it is then. My flight is booked for Tuesday. I weighed up sending sanDRina by air freight but in the end it would cost double of sea freight. I found this metal crate at a local dealership and happy that I could leave the wheels and topbox on. Spares tires on the panniers and riding gear strapped on the seat. A huge plastic bag went over the crate and then a huge cardboard box. Bye bye, sanDRina. See you on the other side.