Snapshot: Twisties of Tanzania’s Southern Highlands

3 February 2012

Beautiful day for riding the wonderful twisties of Tanzania’s Southern Highlands.

After a chilly night in Njombe, a small town surrounded by tea estates at 2,000 m (6,560 ft), I dropped down to the end of the highlands in Songea. The endless hills and curves provided for excellent riding; it felt good to be charging into corners in 3rd gear and then powering through on the exit. Oh, yeah 😀

My last night in Tanzania and East Africa. From here, I’m heading south into the bush for a remote border crossing into Mozambique. It might take a day or three to get to the next sizable town and back online on the other side. I’ve been listening to my Portuguese language tapes from Michel Thomas and excited for a new country and my favorite language 🙂