Update: sanDRina’s problems are back :(

21 November 2012

The motorcycle gods must be trying to tell me something. My bad luck continues. sanDRina’s problems are back ๐Ÿ™

A 100 kms from Kigoma, back on the dirt trail south, the bike died. It felt like when she first died before Kibondo. A sinking feeling that I didn’t solve the original problem set in. She fired up after cooling down for a few minutes and then died again. I replaced the ignition coil, a spark plug, unplugged the stator, unplugged the voltage regulator and problem persisted. With a thunderstorm approaching, I limped her back to a small town, Uvinza. After consulting the DR community on ADVrider.com, it sounds like there’s a short somewhere in the wiring harness or a fuel blockage or something else. Either way, I’ve lost confidence in the bike. Even if I get her running now, I can’t be sure she won’t die again in another hundred kms, when I’m in the middle of nowhere caught in a thunderstorm on muddy roads. I’m looking for a truck to get me and sanDRina to Arusha.

In trying times like this, I tell myself to look for the positives and put things in perspective. I’m healthy, dry and online ๐Ÿ™‚