Snapshot: Lake Tanganyika

19 November 2012

First day back in the saddle after 10 weeks and rode 250 trouble-free kms to Kigoma, on the shores of Lake Tanganyika. The rainy season is getting started here but it was dry for the past few days and the hard-packed mud road made for some good-riding. Felt fantastic to be standing on the pegs and cruising in top gear :ricky She’s a heavy lady, but well-balanced now and loving it!

I’m CouchSurfing with Elias, a Tanzanian who’s working for the Jane Goodall Institute that specializes in chimpanzee research. The chimps are up north in Gombe Stream National Park, but I’m just enjoying the lakeshore and happy to be back in the riding groove. Heavy rain last night but the strong tropical sun has been out today drying the mud roads for tomorrow’s ride.