Snapshot: Clutch Work

18 February 2012

A view of sanDRina’s internals. She might be dirty on the outside, but she’s clean where it counts 😉 I replaced all the clutch fibre discs as she was starting to slip in high gear under load. And with all the weight I’m carrying, I consider fibre discs a consumable, just like brake pads. This set lasted 24,000 kms (14,900 mi) and was installed in Mendoza, so it saw me through the ripio of Ruta 40 and suffered in the mud of northern Ethiopia and the sands along Lake Turkana. I was able to work on the bike in Milan Shah’s shop in Nairobi. He’s an Indian-Kenyan motocross rider with a passion for all things on two wheels and told me I could use his shop to work on sanDRina and get her ready for the road…

2 thoughts on “Snapshot: Clutch Work

  1. There is something very beautiful about this photo – dirt on the outside, shiny on the inside …
    Hope all is well in Nairobi. My favorite memory of this place: I found myself surround by 40 Kenyan elementary school children in the cultural center “Bomas of Kenya” – they had obviously never had close contact with a white-skinned girl and were fighting over who would get to shake my hand. I felt like a rockstar. 😉

  2. Hi Anna, thanks, yeah, I was hoping to convey the beauty in juxtapositions. Also, I need to make a point to my Kenyan riding friends here who can’t stand to see my bike dirty all the time and keep offering to wash her, which I refuse! I tell them she’s clean where it matters and she’ll wash off when it rains 🙂
    I’m enjoying Nairobi and meeting a lot of interesting people here. But, it’s hard to bridge the gap from being seen as an outsider just due to skin color and I’m brown!
    Cheers, Jay

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