Snapshot: Makindu Sikh Gurdwara

29 January 2012

I had a wonderful Sunday brunch at the Makindu Sikh Gurdwara in Lower Eastern Kenya. A gurdwara is the holy place of Sikhs and their founder insisted upon his death that the Langar (free kitchen) should always be open. And as it is so at any gurdwara around the world, there is free food at any time for any one, from any religion. Of course, a little donation would be nice to keep the place running. This gurdwara had its foundations laid in 1926 and is considered the Jewel of Africa, as far as Sikhs are concerned, who have been in East Africa for over a century, brought over by the British to build and run the railway line from Mombasa to Kisumu and onwards freight to Uganda. I had a delicious serving of chana masala (chick pea curry) and kulcha (flat bread from Punjab) with mattar paneer (green peas and cottage cheese), raita (yoghurt with seasoning), a variety of pickles and carrot halwa for desert. Mmm mmm good! [Shot in Jan 2012 using a Canon 50D/Sigma 10-20 mm at 10 mm]