The general route plan is to ride around South America in 2010 and then ship or fly over the Atlantic to spend 2011 around Africa and then make my way towards India.

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Being a geo-political news junkie, I’ve been keeping abreast of the news in the regions I’ll be traveling through and will avoid areas that are deemed unstable. However, one thing going in my favor is my brown skin color. In Mexico, with the few Spanish phrases that I could speak, people assumed I was Mexican since they can range from fair to dark and brown fits in there somewhere. I’ll be taking a Spanish language immersion course in Guatemala and if I can come out of there speaking fluently, I should be able to pass for a local in many countries. Of course, I’ll see what I can do about learning Portuguese for Brazil. My French is going to need a brush-up before I enter West Africa and besides that English should get me by along with a dose of respect for the locals.

After Africa, I’d like to continue overland through the Middle East into India. However, I’m not sure I can get a visa for Pakistan or if I’ll be allowed to cross the border from Iran into Pakistan at Taftan. But that’s two years away and I’ll figure it out as I get closer.

Being an Indian citizen, my situation dictates that once I leave the US, the only country that will bureaucratically welcome me with open arms will be Mother India and thus the journey will be heading towards there. However, I might slow down somewhere along the way. And that could be in southern Africa, as I consider Zambia to be a second home and would like to give back to the country that provided me an exciting childhood.

Along with noting down the routes traversed by previous motorcycle travelers, the general climate in each region will dictate how the route goes. For example, I’ll be avoiding the rainy season in Brazil and the super hot summers of the Sahara.

The line shows my approximate route:

Latin America Climate Route Planner

Africa Climate Route Planner

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20 thoughts on “Jammin thru the Global South Route Plan

  1. Really nice adventure. We are going to start our own moto-adventure in November 2010 Our plan is to cross Central and South America, get to TDF and then go back up through the East coast. If we have money left when we finish it, we would like to keep going but not really sure where to go. Africa sounds tentative. I will keep following your adventure and see how you do it. Good luck!!!

  2. Found your site from Google. I have spent most of my day today going over the site. Have a great time and can’t wait to watch for your updates.

  3. Hey man, I am very intrigued by where you have been all over the world. Very impressing and accomplishable! Nicely done as well. It must have taken alot of self-will to be that determined and mind set. I ran across your website on google and it was too appealing to pass up.

  4. @Efrain: Good luck in your ride. It’s going to be amazing!

    @Rusty: Cool, thanks for following along. It’s going to get better next year with Africa…

    @Dusty Huff: thx man, yeah, it takes a lot of planning before hand, but once the trip gets going things just seem to fall in to place. Cheers.

  5. Hey Jammin! What a great trip. I’m very envious. Just to let you know that you may be able to see some of DAKAR race that is going on now in Argentina and Chile. Check out this years route at The race began in Buenos Aires 01JAN11 and will finish in Bs. As. 16JAN11. I just returned to the USA from ARG and the weather was really great and the wine from Mendoza even better. Wishing you all the best and a safe trip. I’ll be following your posts about your trip….George V. Daytona,FL

  6. Hi George V, thanks for the tips about the Dakar. I passed through some of the towns that it was going to be coming through but I had to be keep moving, since I was running out of time for Patagonia. Cheers, Jay.

  7. Really nice adventure. We are going to start our own moto-adventure in November 2010 Our plan is to cross Central and South America, get to TDF and then go back up through the East coast. If we have money left when we finish it, we would like to keep going but not really sure where to go. Africa sounds tentative. I will keep following your adventure and see how you do it. Good luck!!!

  8. Hi Vetti, I did really good initially and then things were out of my control and happily, it’s going better than expected. I was on schedule for the dry season in the Amazon in Brazil, the most important thing I tried to time for. Then, things got delayed with getting shipped out of South America. Once in Europe, visa issues with Morocco changed my plans, but again, for the better. I had to change the route from going down the west side of Africa first to going down the east side. Oh well, change management is my forte 🙂 I also managed to take a break to conduct research in Kenya and this has allowed me to extend the trip for another two years. From here, I will round off Africa and head up the west side, reaching Senegal by May 2013 and then finding a way across to Turkey and down into India by Oct/Nov 2013 and to Chennai by end of the year. Cheers, Jay.

  9. Hi Jay,

    I read your post just as I researched Brazilian visa extension for Indian citizens. I landed in brazil on a tourist visa and bought a basic motorbike (150cc) to tour the country. This was my first ever motorcycle and ride! It’s been a month, I’ve taken it slow and covered 4k km on the Coastal line. And just as I started to think about my visa issue, I chanced upon your site. At first, I kicked myself that I am not the first Indian to try doing this… But I actually feel very proud reading your journal. Thanks man, you are an inspiration! This has made me think of a longer travel through south America.

    I need some advice on visas for Argentina, Paraguay and Chile. While I secured visa for 3 countries in latam, these will expire soon before I leave brazil. I hope you can guide me.

    Also, aside from this, I am very happy to see the motivations for your motour. I believe your definition of reasons and goals for this trip made you last so long. I am struggling with making this trip purposeful and yet learning. It would be great to speak with you in skype or something to bounce off some ideas?

  10. Hey Deepanker, yeah, sorry, but you wont be the first Indian to tour around South American on motorcycle. Hehe. Why don’t you go to Greenland 😉 Visa info, I replied to your email with details. It’s not a big issue, you just have to produce all the papers that each consulate demands. Walking in with your helmet helps sell our story 😉 Thanks for the comments of the purpose of my trip. I thought long and hard about that before setting off and it’s paying off. Cheers, Jay

  11. Hi Jay, Oliver here. Needless to say, you are a great inspiration, and your calendar proudly hangs in my work cube and Vitaly and I show & tell everyone about your travel venture! I also noted from the map above that you will be passing thru southern Europe in the next year or so. Whenever you get closer, feel free to ping me for advice and help along the way – I’ve traveled this part of the world quite a bit. Specifically, I can be of most help on the Balkan peninsula where I am from (Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, etc…) – who knows, maybe we can even time it so that we meet for a vacation in my hometown, Belgrade!

    I wish you all the best on your travels and I do hope that we meet again one of these years!


  12. Hey, Oliver! Thanks for being such an awesome fan and sharing the story with others 😀 Yup, plan to pass thru the Balkans around May 2013, so a visit in Belgrade would be awesome and definitely some contacts in the region would be helpful. I’ll hit you up as I get closer. Cheers.

  13. Hey, This is Lilly from Munnar, India. Let me know if you are coming this way and need a place to crash.

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